A place for us teens to talk, hang out, and just be ourselves!!
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 TeenSpace rules

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meganlynn <3
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PostSubject: TeenSpace rules   Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:27 am

* NO cussing(that includes say God's name in vain)
* NO sex talk, keep it clean!
* NO racist talk
* Treat everyone right
* If a mod/admin deletes something do NOT repost it, you can ask why it was deleted
* NO bad pictures
* You may post your opinions and beliefs BUT no judging on others with different opinions and beliefs
* NO double accounts, one per user
* NO giving out person info, email is ok! No giving out address, town, phone number, ect. I'd prefer if no one put their actual location in the location space in their profiles

Admin and moderator rules:
* Don't delete posts for no reason
* Don't mess with other peoples accounts
* Log on often
* Follow all rules given above as well as these
* Also please let me know of posts that you delete
* Don't mess anything up and don't change the layout or logo or forum names unless I've told you too

Also: I've had people tell me that they will contact forumotion and have them delete my website, if anyone contacts you saying this, ignore it! I've had this website for over a year and NO ONE has ever come to me until now, I will NOT delete this just because someone else likes the name and can pay for a domain. So this is a rule Alex came up with: Do not try to claim copyright infringement.

As far as being active goes: you NEED to log on atleast twice a month, I understand some of yall don't have the time to stay on forever but please stay active, I don't want a ton of users who aren't posting! Let me know if you'll be gone for whatever reason. Moderators and admins need to sign on once a week, I understand that yall are also busy sometimes but if you want the job you have to keep active.

Anyone who breaks these rules will get suspended depending on how bad it is. I can assure you I will NOT let you go around breaking rules!

Everyone please enjoy the site and let me know about any rules you think we should have!
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TeenSpace rules
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